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Christmas crackers in the tree!


by Panduro

Christmas crackers in the tree!

Christmas crackers in the tree!

How to instructions

An old and truly Swedish tradition is to make Christmas crackers and hang them in the tree. First you fill them with sweets; then they adorn the tree until it's time to find the goodies on "Saint Knut's Day". METHOD: Use a toilet paper roll or staple together a small cylinder of hobby card. Cut 2 pieces of tissue paper in half, preferably in two different colours, and arrange them on top of each other in four layers. Place the roll on top in the centre and fold up the paper (accordion style) from both ends, cut notches in the folded portion at 1 cm intervals to create fringe on both sides of the roll. Roll up the toilet paper roll in the tissue paper and fill it with sweets before tying both ends together with string, from which you will then hang the completed Christmas cracker. Decorate with stickers or scraps. Here, we've chosen to turn the Christmas crackers into an Advent calendar by applying numbers. Find the descriptions for the stars in the "Paper Folding" leaflet, item number 364156. Fold tissue paper and then use for decoration.

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