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Classic elf door


by Panduro

Classic elf door

Classic elf door

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make a mini world of pixies and elves with our Pixie World Kit

  • 2

    A little wooden body is used to make the elf

  • 3

    The plaited scarf is made with Molly yarn

  • 4

    The wreath is made out of moss

  • 5

    Paint with Hobbylack and glue with a hot glue gun

Things are busy behind the elf door today! Many preparations are underway for Christmas, and the laundry must be hung up to dry. The door, ladder, sled, tree, slippers etc. are pieces from our "Pixie World Kit". The door is made of wooden sticks assembled with a hot glue gun; we cut the edge evenly along the bottom with durable scissors. The door knob is cut from a wooden stick. We painted with Hobbylack. The elf has a painted wooden body and the scarf is braided with Molly yarn. We made the wreath using a piece of metal wire and moss.

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