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Cushion with transfers


by Panduro

Cushion with transfers

Cushion with transfers

How to instructions

Decorate your cushions with transfers and glitter. METHOD: Print your own designs onto transfer paper; keep in mind that if you print out text, it must be in reverse. Cut out two circles (for the Christmas baubles) from the transfer paper, one slightly bigger than the other. Then cut out fabric for the cushion according to the instructions (see the PDF below). Place your design anywhere you like on the fabric for the cushion and iron it on according to the instructions on the transfer paper package. Remove the protective paper once it has cooled and decorate some areas with Stickles. Let dry. Glue a piece of ribbon from the bauble all the way up to the edge (use fabric glue). Tie a little bow and glue it to the top of the bauble. Place the fabric right side facing right side and sew together. Leave a small opening at the bottom edge of the cushion; turn the cushion right side out and fill with stuffing. Sew up the opening.