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Cushions with leather details


by Panduro

Cushions with leather details

Cushions with leather details

How to instructions

Leather is a stylish material for home furnishings. Here, we decorated cushions. We sewed a piece of leather to the corner of one cushion, and we decorated the other one with leather buttons. BUTTONS: drill two holes in the wooden button. We used a size Ø 40 mm button shape. Mark the button holes on the leather, then punch them out with punch pliers. Glue the leather to the flat side of the button. When the glue is dry, cut off the leather around the edges and then sew the button to the cushion. Make a stylish hanger with a dowel and leather strap. HANGER: split the leather strap in half so that you have one piece that is about 50 cm. Measure out 21 cm and fold in half; punch holes through both of them with punch pliers, about 6 cm from the folded edge, and secure together with rivets. Add a hole about 1 cm from either end and screw the clasp into the shorter one.

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