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Cushions with personal prints


by Panduro

Cushions with personal prints

Cushions with personal prints

How to instructions

Fabulous cushions with colour and transfer prints!
STEP 1: Prewash the fabric. Cut out two 42x42 cm pieces (fits inner cushion 40x40 cm). Get one piece completely wet and then place it on a sheet of protective plastic. Shake the spray bottle of fabric paint (we have 10 different colours from which to choose), and spray along the edges. The moisture will cause the paint to run a little, forming a lovely transition to the light fabric. Let dry thoroughly. Then fix the paint by ironing the back of the fabric without steam for 3-5 minutes (set to cotton).
STEP 2: Print your favourite design onto transfer paper (using an inkjet printer). Let the printout dry for 30 minutes. Then cut out your transfer design and iron (with the included protective paper in between) the fabric piece onto the location of your choice. Remove the protective paper after 10 seconds. If you want, you can embroider around your design with a back stitch; it's a fun craft and looks great! Sew the front piece to the back piece right side facing right side, but leave an opening so you can get the inner cushion inside. Last, sew up the hole.

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