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Cut out adorable paper Easter ornaments


by Panduro

Cut out adorable paper Easter ornaments

Cut out adorable paper Easter ornaments

How to instructions

  • 1

    Trace the designs using the stencils on your chosen paper. You will need 6 pieces for one 3D egg or one 3D rabbit.

  • 2

    Cut out all of the pieces and place them together.

  • 3

    Using a sewing machine, sew a straight seam in the middle of the design through all of the pieces. Sew from the bottom up. Leave a long enough piece of thread to hang up the ornament later. Tip! Try sewing through paper with your sewing machine before you sew the actual design.

  • 4

    Unfold all of the pieces to a round figure.

  • 5

    Tie the thread ends together to make a hanger at the top, and your figure is ready to go up in the Easter tree.

Make Easter paper crafts! Using the templates, it is easy to make these cute three-dimensional rabbits and Easter eggs. If you do not want to sew the pieces together, you can hot glue them together instead. In that case, fold all of the pieces in half first and glue the folds to one another to make a round ornament. Last, glue a piece of thread to the top as a hanger.

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