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Decorate a T-shirt


by Panduro

Decorate a T-shirt

Decorate a T-shirt

How to instructions

Place plastic inside the T-shirt to protect the back from paint. Protect your work surface with plastic and lay out the T-shirt as evenly as possible. Print out "stay chill" from our PDF and tape the printout to a piece of contact plastic (on the plastic side, not the paper side). Cut out the letters and cut the contact plastic into a square, so that the text is centred. You have now made a stencil. Remove the protective paper from the contact plastic and attach the plastic to the t-shirt. Take a rolling pin, a bottle, a tube or something similar and protect it with plastic film. Wrap a thick piece of string around the object and secure the ends with tape. Prepare a work surface with plastic and pour out some paint. Roll the object in the paint, applying paint to the string. Then roll it over the stencil and slightly outside the edges. Roll several times and with different colours. Let the paint dry according to the instructions and remove the stencil. Fix the paint with an iron according to the instructions.

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