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Decorate jeans with patchwork


by Panduro

Decorate jeans with patchwork

Decorate jeans with patchwork

How to instructions

Give your old jeans a new look! Patchwork is an old technique that works brilliantly on your jeans. Choose a few pretty fabric pieces and get started! And make it easy for yourself: instead of ripping up the trouser legs and sewing on one piece of fabric at a time, first sew all of them together into one piece per trouser leg. METHOD: cut out the fabric pieces and arrange them to fit the trouser legs (in the order you like best), then sew them together with a zigzag stitch. Next, attach the whole piece to the trouser leg with vliesofix (one leg at a time) and hand-sew around the edges. No one will notice the trick! We added an additional detail to these trousers. We stamped on white butterflies with fabric paint. Our Block Printing Stamps for textiles are available with several different designs. Choose Palett fabric paint for dark fabrics (not light), because it is thicker and works best when stamping.

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