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Decoupage varnish for outdoor use


by Panduro

Decoupage varnish for outdoor use

Decoupage varnish for outdoor use

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Finally, you can decoupage outside with new Outdoor decoupage varnish! Here, we created a cosy corner for coffee in the morning sun. You can decoupage everything from furniture in various materials to stones for the driveway. First, thoroughly wipe the surface clean with a mild detergent. Prime your objects white before applying decoupage varnish and paper; we used white Edding spray paint. For big flat objects, it is best to brush the varnish onto the paper first, but if you are working on small uneven surfaces (stones etc.), the opposite is better. In that case, apply varnish to the surface first and cover with small pieces of paper. When everything has dried, you can apply another layer of protective varnish; use ModPodge Outdoor for that, too.

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