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Diamond-shaped bowls in clay


by Panduro

Diamond-shaped bowls in clay

Diamond-shaped bowls in clay

How to instructions

Plastic mould sheet - I'm just saying, what a smart idea! How else could you make 3-dimensional shapes? Take the sheet, fold the mould together along the perforated lines and tape together. Then the mould is ready to use. These "diamonds" are sold in 2-packs, one small and one large. I used air-drying clay for these bowls. METHOD: Knead the clay until it's soft and smooth. Divide it into smaller pieces and press the clay inside the mould in an approximately 5 mm-thick layer. Press it to smooth the surface; the plastic sheet is transparent so you can see through the mould. Remember to make the inside nice too; you can smooth it out with your fingers while you work. When you reach the hole, make the edges even. Let the clay dry in the mould for 1 day. Then remove from the mould and let the bowls dry for another 2 days. Once the bowls dried, I painted the insides with three coats of white Hobbylack gloss. P.S. If you tape the mould sheet together, then you can use it over and over and over...

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