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Die-cut greeting cards


by Panduro

Die-cut greeting cards

Die-cut greeting cards

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use the paper in the Crispy Winter design pad

  • 2

    Cut out a square for Christmas cards

  • 3

    Cut out a rectangle in silver paper and punch out a snowflake and affix it using adhesive pads

  • 4

    Cut out a tag and stamp it with a seasons greeting

  • 5

    Secure with silver string, thread with bells and tie a bow

Send home-made Christmas cards to your friends. A die cut is fun to experiment with, as it's easy to produce appealing motifs. We made our own cards from paper in the "Crispy Winter" design pad, which also contains plain silver sheets. METHOD: Cut out a square of patterned paper (for the greeting card itself). Cut out a rectangle from a plain silver sheet and die cut a snowflake. We used "Die cut 3 snowflake". Attach it to the greeting card using adhesive pads to offset the pattern through the die-cut hole. Cut out a tag and stamp it with a season's greeting. We used "Wood stamps alphabet classic" and stamped Winter Time with VersaColor Silver. Attach it to the card using silver string, thread on some bells and tie a bow. P.S. Using a stamped greeting saves you writing by hand, especially if you are sending out many Christmas cards.