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DIY home decor from clay


by Panduro

DIY home decor from clay

DIY home decor from clay

How to instructions

  • 1

    First, knead a piece of clay.

  • 2

    Roll and model it into a cylinder. Stand the cylinder upright, with its base on your work table. Press your fingers down into the middle, and pull clay up to the edges to make a depression. Keep water on hand, as the clay may start dry while you’re working it.

  • 3

    Wet the sponge and use it to smooth the clay.

  • 4

    Make patterns in the clay using the clay tools.

  • 5

    When you are done, release your bowl (or vase or dish) using the clay cutting tool. Carefully draw the wire under the base resting on the table. This will loosen the bowl from the table.

  • 6

    Let the clay dry completely. Place your design on a rack or a few wooden sticks to let air in underneath, which will help the clay dry. The drying time also depends on the room temperature and how thick the clay is. It may take a few days for the clay to dry completely. Bear in mind that this modelling medium is not watertight, so only keep dry items in your finished design.

Make beautiful home accessories out of air-drying clay! This pliable modelling medium has a real clay feel and self-hardens within a few days. Here, we made a tableau of a bowl, vase and dish. Bear in mind that this clay is not watertight, so you’ll have to use your designs for dried flowers, paper flowers or other dry decor.

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