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Drops of concrete


by Panduro

Drops of concrete

Drops of concrete

How to instructions

Start by blowing up balloons and sealing them with clothes pegs. Leave the inflated balloons to hang/lie for a day to stretch out, and then empty out the air. Stir a thin mixture of 1 part concrete and 1 part water (wear a mask and gloves). Split a plastic bottle (like a PET bottle) with a knife and use the top as a funnel. Thread a balloon over the small bottle opening and carefully poor the concrete mixture into the balloon until it is full. Tap the balloon on the table to get the concrete to settle to the bottom; add more concrete and repeat until the balloon cannot stretch any further. Tie the balloon with a knot. Hang the filled balloons on a line to dry and let them harden for about a week. Then cut holes in the balloons and remove your "drops". You can also watch our video for more tips and inspiration.

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