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Durable felt wall storage


by Panduro

Durable felt wall storage

Durable felt wall storage

How to instructions

Make smart wall storage using thick, durable felt. We used the entire area of the felt (40x40 cm); the pink provides a nice contrast to the grey. It can also look great to make several sizes and hang them at different heights; go with your taste and preferences. The felt comes in many beautiful colours. METHOD: Cut out holes, any size you like, and sew a contrasting colour to the back. Sew seams around each hole, creating the space you want each pocket to have. Add rivets to each corner for a decorative touch and to make the storage easier to hang up. Instead of a hammer, you can use a craft knife to make holes for the rivets, because the felt is so sturdy. We also have a drawing with dimensions you can use if you like; see the PDF. Find instructions and templates for the animal masks by entering 83046 in the search field.

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