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Easter eggs three ways


by Panduro

Easter eggs three ways

Easter eggs three ways

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make the bunny by painting your egg with matt Hobbylack in the shade light pink. Cut out ears and teeth from pink and white design sheets. Glue the ears to the lid of the egg and the teeth to the inside of the lid, so that they stick out when the egg is closed. Glue on a pink pompom as a nose and a white pompom as a tail, and glue the eyes to the bunny

  • 2

    Make the chick by painting your egg with matt Hobbylack in the shade yellow. Cut out wings from craft rubber and glue them to the sides of the egg. Glue feathers to the underside/back of the egg, so that they stand straight up when the egg is closed. Paint a wadding nose orange and glue it to the chick as a beak. Glue eyes to the chick. Last, bend two legs out of black pipe cleaners and glue them to a short side of the egg.

  • 3

    Create a dazzlingly floral egg by painting your egg with matt Hobbylack in lime green. Glue craft rubber flowers to your egg and decorate with rhinestones

An Easter egg can be so much more than just an egg. With a little imagination and the right materials, you can transform it into your favourite animal, or even an imaginary animal! Here, we've made three glittery and dazzlingly colourful eggs for inspiration.

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