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Embroider a trendy wall tapestry


by Panduro

Embroider a trendy wall tapestry

Embroider a trendy wall tapestry

How to instructions

  • 1

    To begin, embroider diagonal white stitches in the two outermost holes along the sides and top of the hobby felt. Aim the stitches towards the right on the right side and towards the left on the left side. Leave four rows at the bottom without stitches.

  • 2

    Embroider straight and diagonal stitches, back stitches, cross stitches, stem stitches, chain stitches and French knots in a gorgeous pattern across the entire tapestry.

  • 3

    Sew pink diagonal stitches from right to left. Begin in the third hole from the bottom. Aim the stitches alternately towards the left and right to create a zigzag pattern.

  • 4

    Finish by tying long white pieces of yarn (about 60 cm) in the two bottom rows. Fold a piece of yarn in half, pull the yarn up through the hole with a needle, pull the ends through the yarn loop and tighten. Secure every other piece of yarn in the second row from the bottom, and the alternating pieces in the bottom row.

Make the coolest tapestry with felt fabric and yarn in assorted colours and materials. Hobby felt has perforated holes that make it easy to embroider all kinds of embroidery stitches - they can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Vary different embroidery techniques and combine different patterns, stitches and colours. You can also embroider with doubled yarn to create fuller stitches. Try French knots for a lovely floral effect: Poke the needle up through the felt. Wrap the yarn around the needle a few times and poke the needle down again, while tightening the yarn around the needle.

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