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Embroider clothing


by Panduro

Embroider clothing

Embroider clothing

How to instructions

  • 1

    Secure an embroidery hoop where you want to embroider. Make sure the fabric is nice and taut.

  • 2

    Print, trace or plan a pattern. You can trace the pattern directly on the fabric with a pencil, or embroider free-hand.

  • 3

    Download the overview of different stitches below.

  • 4

    Embroider flowers with a French knot at the centre (image 1) and loop stitches (image 5) all the way around.

Spruce up a pair of worn-out shorts or jeans with embroidery! With free-hand embroidery, you don’t have to count the exact number of threads or stitches; you can simply let your creativity guide you. One tip is to base your embroidery on a design drawn straight on the fabric or on water-soluble interfacing. Then fill the pattern with different stitches and techniques. Download the description to see the different stitches you can use.

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