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Embroidered picture


by Panduro

Embroidered picture

Embroidered picture

How to instructions

Tip! If you embroider on patterned fabric, then the pattern is already done; all you have to do is fill it in. Decide whether to fill in an entire figure or just a few lines. In our free instructions, Embroidery School, you can find tips and advice on how to embroider. TO MOUNT: Iron the embroidery with a damp cloth on top (set the iron to cotton). Make two circles out of white card (730910). Take apart the embroidery hoop. Trace the inner circle, one circle with the inner diameter and one with the outer diameter. Cut them out and place the big circle under the fabric and over the inner embroidery hoop; tighten the outer embroidery hoop and cut off the fabric 2-3 cm outside the edge. Fold in the fabric at the back and secure with the small circle.

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