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Felt in the washing machine!


by Panduro

Felt in the washing machine!

Felt in the washing machine!

How to instructions

A soft, beautiful seat cushion in warm wool is wonderful for excursions, especially in the winter chill. The results will be tight and thick when you felt the knitted seat cushion in the washing machine.
METHOD: Knit an approx. 50x50 cm square (dimensions incl. crocheted edge, if you want it), then, optionally, attach to a strap (see instructions in the PDF). Roll the seat cushion up in a big towel and wash in the washing machine at 40°C. Choose a regular colour cycle (not the wool cycle) and wash with ordinary detergent, preferably with some other garments or towels in similar colours. If the results are not sufficiently felted, you can try washing once more the same way. Shape the seat cushion when it is still damp by pulling on it, if the shape needs to be evened out.
The finished cushion will be approx. 40x40 cm.