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Festive & bold with a beading loom


by Panduro

Festive & bold with a beading loom

Festive & bold with a beading loom

How to instructions

Weaving with a beading loom is a fun technique and you don't have to be a pro to make beautiful jewellery. Follow our patterns or create your own. Tip! The warp threads should be very taut. If the beads are small, then place 1 warp thread in each slot; if they are big, place 1 thread in every other slot. String the beads onto a piece of thread no longer than approx. 1.2 metres and make the elements. It will be easier to manage than a very long piece of thread. With just a little patience, you'll have fantastic results! Watch our YouTube video and/or order our DIY instructions (they are free). EARRINGS: you don't need a pattern; sort the beads based on colour and weave them with a gentle transition between the colours.

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