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Fill your bullet journal with photos


by Panduro

Fill your bullet journal with photos

Fill your bullet journal with photos

How to instructions

  • 1

    Decide on a theme for your bullet journal. It could be a calendar, recipe book, diary, planner, or maybe just a journal in which you write down things that make you happy.

  • 2

    Print photos directly from your mobile phone with a Kodak Photo Printer and stick them in the book.

  • 3

    Do a pen test on one page to see what different pens will look like.

  • 4

    Decorate the pages with stickers, beautiful tape and sketches.

With a dotted journal, it's easy to make your first bullet journal, or BuJo. A dotted journal is a notebook with subtly dotted pages that will help you sketch, write and make bullet lists. Indeed, it's called a bullet journal after the term bullet lists. Bullet lists are a wonderful way to bring structure to your notes, plans and thoughts. The mint green dotted journal that we used here also includes stencils, a ruler, stickers and a pencil case, so you can get started fast. Because the journal is ring-bound, it's also easy to tear out pages if something goes wrong and you can add more pages if needed. To personalise our BuJo, we filled it with beautiful photos. You can use a Kodak Photo Printer to print out pictures quickly and easily.

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