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by Panduro

Get your hobby horse ready for summer

Get your hobby horse ready for summer

How to instructions

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    How to make the hobby horse’s eyes: Cut out hobby felt to make eyes and glue them on. Glue on lashes and a decorative stone as a pupil, if you like. You can also draw a pupil with a white Posca pen.

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    How to make the hobby horse’s mane: Spread a 60 cm piece of yarn across a table and place a piece of masking tape at either end. Then tie yarn in various colours to the taped yarn. Keep tying on yarn until you’ve covered about 30 cm in the middle of the taped yarn. Tie knots in the stretched-out yarn and sew the mane to the horse’s neck with a needle and sewing thread. Make one more, slightly shorter mane the same way and apply it as fringe.

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    To make a felt floral wreath: Shape a piece of steel wire into a circle that will fit the horse’s head. Wrap the steel wire a few times around the end and cut off the excess. Cut out oblong pieces of green felt, shaped like a leaf at either end. Tie the felt pieces around the entire circle to cover the frame. Cut out little felt flowers in different colours and glue them among the leaves.

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    Put a pink bridle on your hobby horse and place the summer wreath on its head.

Of course hobby horses want to be extra pretty for summer festivities! This Isabella pony is ready for a ride through the pasture with a charming floral wreath on its head. We have also given the horse a marvellous mane with pink and yellow yarn in various summery colours.

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