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Hama bead feathers


by Panduro

Hama bead feathers

Hama bead feathers

How to instructions

Why not make your own Easter feathers? We made these charming feathers out of Hama tube beads. The easiest way to create a nice feather shape is by using tweezers and placing the beads in a feather pattern. Once you've finished beading, simply place a piece of ironing paper on top of the beads and iron until they melt together. Then attach a piece of thread to the end of each feather and hang them from the Easter bouquet. For minimalist Easter decor, use just a few feathers, or combine them with colourful wool balls and decorative ribbons tied around the branches. For the actual Easter bouquet, you can use birch twigs, willow branches, cherry twigs or why not a lovely branch from the garden?

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