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Hobby felt animal masks


by Panduro

Hobby felt animal masks

Hobby felt animal masks

How to instructions

Make a variety of animal face masks. Perfect for the masquerade, or perhaps as a party activity. You can even use them to decorate the walls. We used felt pieces measuring 20x30 cm, the perfect size to work with. Use our templates, which you'll find in the PDF below. METHOD: Pin the templates to the hobby felt and cut them out. For stability, cut and glue (Panokitt Quick glue) together a double layer of the felt that will form the base of your mask. Glue the cut-out pieces to the hobby felt (rub each piece to ensure it is evenly attached and no glue shows through) and let dry. Make a small hole on each side of the mask, choosing the spots that will fit the shape of your head best. Thread the rubber band through the holes and tie a knot on the back of each hole. These are the felt pieces we used for each animal. BEAR: 725504 (brown), 725514 (warm beige), 725510 (black). FOX: 725501 (white), 725510 (black), 725519 (orange). BADGER: 725510 (black), 725501 (white), 725503 (grey). BUNNY: 725543 (sand), 725542 (light pink), 725501 (white).

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