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Knitted marled slippers


by Panduro

Knitted marled slippers

Knitted marled slippers

How to instructions

  • 1

    Measure the length of your foot. Next, place the tape measure under your heel and measure from ankle to ankle. (Our instructions are based on European shoe size 38 which measures 22 x 32 cm)

  • 2

    Take your foot length (22 cm) as the basis for the number of stitches required and then add 8 stitches for a total of 30 stitches (22 + 8).

  • 3

    Cast on using 3 strands of yarn held together. Knit garter stitch until the work measures approx. 32 cm. Cast off.

  • 4

    You will now be sewing the open ends of the slippers together. Fold the knitting lengthwise, wrong side facing you, and stitch one of the short ends together to form the heel end of the bootees. Place a foot inside and then sew the top together so that you can still easily slip your foot in and out. Sew running stitches at the toe-end with doubled yarn and pull to gather the stitches. Turn the slipper inside out so that the right side is facing and sew up the front, placing neat stitches on top of where you made the gathered stitches.

  • 5

    Crochet a rose accent (see crochet instructions below).

Knit a pair of toasty bootee slippers for cosy home wear! A simple pattern for knitted slippers using Luna By Permin recycled wool yarn. Use three strands of different colours to make your socks thick and nicely marled.

How to crochet a flower:
Row 1: Make 43 chain stitches (ch). Make 1 treble crochet (tr) in every 5th ch from the crochet hook. 1 tr in the same ch, skip the next ch, repeat to end of row. End the row with 1 tr in the last ch; turn.
Row 2: 5 tr between each double-treble in the previous row, 1 double crochet between each "petal", repeat to end of row. Remove the yarn. Roll up into a rose and fasten the ends. Sew a rose onto each slipper.

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