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by Panduro

Little gingerbread house

Little gingerbread house

How to instructions

Here is a template for those looking to make a slightly smaller gingerbread house. METHOD: Instead of cutting out windows and doors, we dipped the house pieces in blue frosting. Once dry, we piped on windows and doors with white icing and decorated the roof with pearl sprinkles. Assemble the house with melted sugar. Melt 1 dl sugar. Be careful; it gets very hot. Work quickly once the sugar is melted, because it will harden in moments. The chimney can be mounted with sugar or icing. You choose what you think is easiest. Once everything is assembled, it's time for the finishing touches. Whisk together a thin icing that can be used to make icicles. Pipe with a slightly larger tip to make snow drifts and icicles on the roof, chimney and corners of the house. To finish, sift icing sugar on top. TREE: For one tree, you will need 6-7 star-shaped gingerbread biscuits in three sizes. Stack them on top of each other with a generous dab of icing between each biscuit. ICING RECIPE: 1 egg white, about 4 dl icing sugar and 1 tsp vinegar (12%). Stir the ingredients together, then mix with an electric mixer. FROSTING FOR DIPPING RECIPE: Follow the steps for the icing above, but instead use 2 dl icing sugar. Stir together, then add a little icing sugar at a time until you achieve the right consistency. Video: Watch the video below to see how we made the gingerbread house.

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