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by Panduro

Macramé necklace with dip-dye effect

Macramé necklace with dip-dye effect

How to instructions

With cotton yarn, a pretty chain and textile spray paint, you can make a beautiful tone-on-tone necklace. METHOD: Cut 8 threads of yarn (about 120 cm). Place one thread parallel to the chain. Fold the other threads in half and tie them around thread 1 and the chain with a lark's head knot. Make sure thread 1 has equally long ends sticking out on either side of the rest of the securely tied threads. Tie a pattern using double diagonal half-hitch knots and square knots. When you are satisfied with the results, cut the ends to the desired length. Soak the finished work and squeeze it out thoroughly, then hang it up with plenty of protection behind and underneath it. Shake the spray paint can and spray carefully in rounds along the bottom portion of the necklace (turn and spray the back as well). When the paint has dried, fix it by blowing with a hair dryer for about 5 minutes. See the video below.

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