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Make a gruesome Halloween tea set


by Panduro

Make a gruesome Halloween tea set

Make a gruesome Halloween tea set

How to instructions

  • 1

    Gather up dishes from an old porcelain tea set.

  • 2

    Make an alginate cast of your hand and a few fingers. Follow the instructions on the package.

  • 3

    Mix up special plaster and pour it into the mould that you made in step 2. Let dry completely.

  • 4

    If needed, carve out the plaster hand and fingers with a hobby knife. Glue a pot to the hand and a cup to the fingers.

  • 5

    Fill in any empty spaces between the plaster and porcelain with air-drying clay. Let dry.

  • 6

    Spray paint the glued pieces white. Let dry.

  • 7

    Mix Hobbylack in different colours and paint the hand and fingers, giving them a bit of an eerily dirty appearance.

Want to give your guests a scare this Halloween? Then set the table with a terrifying tea set that's taken on a macabre life of its own. Place the teapot on a severed plaster hand and the cup on a few chopped fingers - horribly easy and terribly vile! Prepare a witch's brew and invite a few phantoms and monsters to a Halloween party they won't soon forget.

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