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Make a high-spirited jumping horse


by Panduro

Make a high-spirited jumping horse

Make a high-spirited jumping horse

How to instructions

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    How to make eyes for your hobby horse: Mark where the glass eyes will be and then glue them in place with a hot glue gun. Cut out two crescents for each eye from white hobby felt and glue them above and below the eyes to make eyelids. Sew the edges of the eyelids in place, so that they frame the eyes nicely. Glue on lashes.

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    How to make a mane for your hobby horse: Cut about 50 cm long pieces of white yarn. Tie a knot at either end of a piece of yarn, and then sew one end between the horses ears, and the other to the base of the neck. Then tie individual pieces of yarn to the piece youve just sewn on to the horse. Once all of the yarn is tied on, sew the mane to the horse. Make fringe by tying pieces of yarn between the ears.

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    Separate the yarn threads to make the mane fuller and curlier. Trim the mane to make it even and pretty.

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    Equip your hobby horse with a cross-over bridle and martingale when its time for a jumping competition!

Welcome a beautiful roan horse to your stable! A horse with a roan coat is white or grey, with dark eyes and legs. This rambunctious hobby horse has a crossed noseband, for better control with gentle pressure on the plate that rests against the horse's nose. Pair with a martingale, which prevents hobby horses from raising their heads too much. Perfect for jumping horses! We recommend a glue gun for gluing, but bear in mind that the tip gets very hot.

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