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Make a little Easter wagon


by Panduro

Make a little Easter wagon

Make a little Easter wagon

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut the rounded ends off of 16 wide, flat sticks. Cut 3 of the sticks in half.

  • 2

    Use a hot glue gun to glue 3 of the long sticks to the front of the wagon, and 3 to the back. Glue 3 short sticks to either side. Then glue all of the pieces together at the seams, forming a rectangle. Glue 3 long sticks to the underside of the wagon as the floor. Paint the wagon with Hobbylack.

  • 3

    Glue one of the wide sticks to one long side of the wagon, to make a counter.

  • 4

    Make a roof with the last 3 sticks and attach it to the wagon with 2 narrow sticks on either side.

  • 5

    Paint 2 pairs of wheels and insert a flower stick into each pair. Measure how long the sticks should be based on the outside of the wagon. Then glue the wheels to the bottom of the wagon.

  • 6

    Use a few of the cut-off rounded ends to make a garland with some jute twine. Paint pennants in different colours and write a letter on each one.

  • 7

    Use a piece of wood to make a small sign. Paint it, write something on it, and glue it to the front of the wagon.

  • 8

    Make a handle for the wagon out of a narrow stick and the rounded doorframe from the miniature kit.

Spring has finally arrived in the miniature world, and the mice are getting ready to celebrate Easter! Build a little market stand where the hand-felted mice can sell colourful eggs and other decorations for Easter. Using the wooden pieces from the miniature kit, you can build an absolutely adorable kiosk on wheels and make your own mini Easter. To cut the sticks, use a pair of large, sturdy scissors. Tip! It is easiest to paint the pieces before you glue them together.

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