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Make a stunning hair accessory


by Panduro

Make a stunning hair accessory

Make a stunning hair accessory

How to instructions

  • 1

    Snip off a long length of metal wire.

  • 2

    Bend the metal wire back and forth to shape the teeth of a small French side comb for your hair.

  • 3

    Cut a long length of fine-gauge gold-tone metal beading wire.

  • 4

    Thread a bead onto the wire and then twist the ends around each other a few times underneath the bead. Bend one end out to the side and thread on another bead. Twist the bent-out wire and the other end of the wire together back in towards the centre. Bend out the other wire end and secure a bead in place on the other side, in the same way. Twist the ends together again and thread on two more beads in the same way. You should now have a little sprig of five beads.

  • 5

    Thread on more beads, twisting to secure them until the whole length of wire is decorated with a mix of faceted glass beads and pearly glass wax beads.

  • 6

    Secure the beaded ornament to your French side comb using a length of beading wire.

Do you love beading projects? Then have a go at making your own beautiful hair accessories! Here we twisted metal wire and beads together to make a snazzy French hair side comb for those everyday or party looks. The technique is similar to traditional Swedish “luffarslöjd” wire crafts, but with a twist.

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