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Make a wolf mask


by Panduro

Make a wolf mask

Make a wolf mask

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut the chin and mouth off of the paper mask.

  • 2

    Cut a bowl shape from the forehead, so that you have two points for ears.

  • 3

    Cut out a piece of grey felt that will fit all the way around the mask. You should be able to fold the sides around the edge, and to make two wolf ears at the points. Glue in place with a hot glue gun.

  • 4

    Cut out details in white felt and a nose in black felt and glue them to the mask.

Is it time to trick-or-treat? Make an awesome wolf mask and you’re ready for Halloween and for a masquerade! With a paper mask and some felt pieces, it’s easy for kids to make their own costume. An adult should help with the gluing process, because the tip of the glue gun can get very hot.

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