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Make beautiful jewellery with golden flair


by Panduro

Make beautiful jewellery with golden flair

Make beautiful jewellery with golden flair

How to instructions

  • 1

    Split the thin gold-plated brass chain to make a long necklace and a bracelet. Use wire cutters.

  • 2

    Squeeze crimp ends onto both ends of both the necklace and bracelet with jewellery pliers.

  • 3

    Thread a semi-precious stone bead onto a head pin for the necklace. Fold the pin into a loop and wrap the end once or a few times just above the bead to secure it. Use wire cutters to trim off the excess end. Attach a jump ring to the loop and string it onto the chain.

  • 4

    String small beads onto the chain for the bracelet.

  • 5

    Attach the pendants of your choice to jump rings and thread them onto the chains.

  • 6

    Squeeze a clasp onto the crimp ends on both the necklace and bracelet.

  • 7

    Make matching beaded earrings the same way as in step 3 and string onto creole rings.

  • 8

    Thread beads onto a piece of elastic jewellery thread to make a beaded bracelet. Add the pendent of your choice and tie the bracelet with a double knot.

Use jewellery findings plated with 9 karat gold and beautiful semi-precious stone beads to make your own luxurious jewellery! It is easy to make, and the results are beautiful. Personalised jewellery can be a lovely present for a friend or the perfect accessory for a party.

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