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Make mixed media art


by Panduro

Make mixed media art

Make mixed media art

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prime the entire picture with black acrylic paint.

  • 2

    Apply masking tape if you want to delineate different areas to paint.

  • 3

    Use Molotow spray paint to apply a variety of effects. Let the paint drip down in some areas. Let dry.

  • 4

    Draw patterns, outlines and designs with Molotow acrylic markers.

Paint your next masterpiece by combining a variety of techniques and paints! With Molotow's acrylic-based Urban Fine Art spray paint, you can make magnificent graffiti-style works of art. These colours have incredible opacity, the highest pigment quality and excellent lightfastness. Because acrylic paint is thick and very viscous, it's easy to brush it out and apply additional layers with a palette knife. Finish your picture with beautiful details created with Molotow's acrylic-based markers. The paint inside these pens is also visible on dark surfaces, making them the perfect complement to the spray paint.

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