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Make your own snowdrops


by Panduro

Make your own snowdrops

Make your own snowdrops

How to instructions

  • 1

    Wrap a piece of white cotton yarn around your index and middle fingers several times. Cut the yarn.

  • 2

    Poke a green pipe cleaner under the yarn, so that the pipe cleaner sticks out about 5 cm on one side. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the yarn and twist it together, to secure the little ball.

  • 3

    Tie a small piece of green yarn around the ball at the top, near the pipe cleaner, to make the top of the flower.

  • 4

    Cut open the yarn at the bottom and comb the yarn with a dense comb, like a bell.

  • 5

    Shape the pipe cleaner into leaves at the base of the stem.

  • 6

    Combine green, brown and black clay and roll it into a stone. Then poke the snowdrop into the clay so that the flower stands up.

Is anything more delightful than the first signs of spring? With just a few crafting materials, you can make your own signs of spring and use them as Easter decorations. These charming little snowdrops are easy to make with yarn, pipe cleaners and some clay, so that the flowers can stand up.

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