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Mini kitchen garden


by Panduro

Mini kitchen garden

Mini kitchen garden

How to instructions

Build an adorable miniature world in a wooden crate, a big pot or something similar. First, we filled a crate with soil and then we added a few pieces of wood to build a deck. We created the landscape with potted plants, decorative stones etc. The miniature metal furniture is great as is, but could be even lovelier with a little extra love. For example, we gave the chair a cute little cushion made of fabric. And the bicycle has a crocheted seat cover made with red yarn. The cookie dish, buns, drinks, food on the grill and vegetables are made out of Fimo clay. Fimo clay is perfect for really small details; it is stable and the colours will not run together. Harden the clay items in a regular oven. You can see all the materials we used in the list below.

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