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Model a little clay dish


by Panduro

Model a little clay dish

Model a little clay dish

How to instructions

  • 1

    Knead a lump of clay until supple. Next, flatten the clay using a rolling pin. Fold the edges up to make a dish. Smooth the edges slightly, but not too much. Make tiny holes in the dish using the handle end of a paintbrush.

  • 2

    Model a little figure in clay, such as a cat, like we did. Score the clay where you want to attach the figure. You can also dab on some water so the figure sticks better.

  • 3

    Leave the dish and its figure to dry fully for a few days. The clay must be completely dry, and the drying time depends on how thick your piece is.

  • 4

    Mix a nice pale green paint by combining white and forest green craft gloss paint. Now paint the dish around the figure.

  • 5

    Paint the figure white, applying the paint outwards towards the green to blend the transition.

  • 6

    Make some white and green dots on the dish and paint a nose and eyes on the cat. Let the paint dry.

Air-dry clay is an amazing modelling and sculpting medium. When you are done working the clay piece, leave it to dry and self-harden. Here we made a decorative little dish accented by a creamy white kitty cat. Tip: To make your dish more durable, you can seal it with matte or glossy Oceanlack Varnish.

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