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Mummified napkin rings


by Panduro

Mummified napkin rings

Mummified napkin rings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Wrap aluminium foil around an empty toilet paper roll.

  • 2

    Roll out the clay and cut out two slightly wider strips and a few narrower ones.

  • 3

    Wrap the wide strips around the roll, followed by the narrower ones on top. Press the strips in place on the back to stick them together.

  • 4

    Attach the wiggly eyes between the strips of clay on the front.

  • 5

    Let the clay dry slowly in an open plastic bag, and turn the roll over so that the underside can dry as well. Slide the finished napkin ring off the roll when the clay is completely dry (it may take a few days).

Lay the table with frightfully adorable clay napkin rings for Halloween. These silly mummies are the perfect finishing touch for this year’s spookiest tablescape. Be careful not to roll the clay out too thin, because then it may tear. But small cracks are fine – in fact, they’re just right for giving the mummy an aged and worn appearance. If you like, you can glue on the wiggly eyes with Panokitt Quick glue. Varnish the napkin ring with Oceanlack when it’s completely dry to make it more durable.