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by Panduro

Needle-felt an adorable, fuzzy little lamb

Needle-felt an adorable, fuzzy little lamb

How to instructions

  • 1

    Used two polystyrene balls in different sizes as a base for your lamb.

  • 2

    Draw where the face will be on the bigger polystyrene ball. Then place a piece of beige wool over the area where youve drawn. Felt the piece of wool by sticking a felting needle up and down through the wool into the ball, to evenly felt the wool in place. Then felt white wool around the entire face.

  • 3

    Roll up a small piece of beige wool and shape it into an ear using the felting needle. Make another identical ear. Glue ears, eyes and a small nose out of pink felt to the head. Use black embroidery thread to sew on a stitch to make the mouth, and hide the knot under the pink nose.

  • 4

    Place white wool around the smaller ball and felt it in place.

  • 5

    Roll up beige wool balls and felt them together to make little feet. Make a tail out of a small piece of white wool. Glue or felt the feet and tail to the body.

Baa! Baa! Make a felted lamb! With some wool and a felting needle, you can make this adorable lamb for Easter. Needle felting is easy to do and it's so much fun! Start with a polystyrene base and poke the felting needle into it repeatedly, to shape and felt the wool around it. The more you stick in the needle, the firmer and more even the wool will be.

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