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Paint funny stone monsters


by Panduro

Paint funny stone monsters

Paint funny stone monsters

How to instructions

  • 1

    Collect stones and pebbles of various shapes and sizes.

  • 2

    Wash and dry the stones and pebbles.

  • 3

    Paint them in different colours. Leave them to dry.

  • 4

    Add details like dots, dashes, hair and mouths.

  • 5

    Glue the various pieces together to make funny monsters using a glue gun.

  • 6

    To finish, glue on googly eyes.

Painting stones is a fun and easy craft for both children and adults. Here we created colourful stone monsters. With a little paint and imagination, your own will be the craziest ever! For children, we recommend craft paint specially intended for juniors. For adults who want a more durable result, we recommend applying a coat of craft varnish.