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Paint pixel-art portraits using fabric dye


by Panduro

Paint pixel-art portraits using fabric dye

Paint pixel-art portraits using fabric dye

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use a washed, dry and uncreased T-shirt. Stuff a piece of card or the like inside the T-shirt, to prevent dye seeping through to the back.

  • 2

    Use square sponges for printing the motif. Pour some dye onto a palette or other flat surface. Soak the end of the sponge in the dye so it absorbs the dye evenly.

  • 3

    Start by measuring the T-shirt to determine the centre and the distance from the neck opening to the motif. Mark the centre of the motif with your first print.

  • 4

    Let the motif spread out from the centre outwards; this makes it easier to centre on the T-shirt. Make the motif using square prints spaced slightly apart.

  • 5

    Allow the dye to dry completely. Then fix the design using an iron on the garment (turned inside out) for 3 to 5 minutes on the irons cotton setting. After 24 hours, your garment will be machine-washable at 40 °C.

Make a Europop top featuring a portrait of yourself or someone special in pixelated Eurovision song-contest style. Sketch out your design first or just pixel free-hand. To make the neat pixel squares, stamp on dye using squared foam rubber sponges, either ready-cut or cut free hand. Remember to choose a palette of colours to match however dark or light your top is. We used fabric dye for dark fabrics for our T-shirt.

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