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Paint playful Easter eggs


by Panduro

Paint playful Easter eggs

Paint playful Easter eggs

How to instructions

  • 1

    Open the card egg and paint one half with light blue finger paint. Let dry.

  • 2

    Mix yellow and white finger paint together, to make light yellow.

  • 3

    Cover the childs palm with the light yellow paint and make a handprint on the middle of the egg. Brush the handprint with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

  • 4

    Paint green blades of grass around the handprint and sprinkle with glitter.

  • 5

    Cut and fold legs and a beak out of pipe cleaner. Glue them onto the egg, along with a wiggly eye, transforming the handprint into an Easter chick.

  • 6

    Attach a piece of embroidery yarn to the egg and hang it up.

Gather up the little ones and craft this silly Easter chick! Paint the outside of half of a card egg - finger-painting is fine, if holding a brush is hard. Then paint the child's palm and make a classic handprint - a favourite for anyone who enjoys getting messy with paint! Finally, transform the handprint into an adorable chick using pipe cleaner, glitter and eyes.

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