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Paint watercolours with various techniques


by Panduro

Paint watercolours with various techniques

Paint watercolours with various techniques

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint beautiful flowers with different watercolour techniques:

  • 2

    Wet on wet: First, brush the design with just water. Then add dabs of paint with your brush, allowing the paint to spread into the water-brushed areas.

  • 3

    Wet on dry: Paint directly on dry paper.

  • 4

    Layering: Allow each layer of paint to dry before adding the next layer.

  • 5

    Spatter with water or paint.

  • 6

    Salt painting: Sprinkle coarse salt onto wet paint and let dry. The salt will absorb the paint and create cool effects. Brush off the salt once everything is dry.

There are loads of exciting techniques to try when it comes to painting with watercolours. The fascinating thing about watercolour paint is that it behaves differently depending on the technique. If you apply watercolour paint to wet paper, it will spread more than when you apply it to dry paper. It's best to use a heavy piece of watercolour paper if you will be using a lot of water, preferably from a watercolour pad that is glued along the edges to prevent the paper from buckling. You can also tape down the watercolour paper to an MDF board, for example, using special tape.

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