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by Panduro

Paint with MAT Pub acrylic paint

Paint with MAT Pub acrylic paint

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MAT Pub is an incredible paint for artists that simply must be tried! It is thin, with excellent opacity, and a little bit goes a long way. Plus, it can be used both as an artist's paint AND interior paint; it works equally well on canvases and concrete walls, and you can use it both indoors and out. And it's suitable for everyone - artists, beginners, hobby painters, street artists etc. This paint is incredibly versatile and fun to experiment with. In the picture shown here, everything was hand-painted - even the designs that look like they were stencilled. It is also easy to use for splash effects, for which ordinary acrylic paint tends to be a bit too thick. Give it a try! P.S. We have lots of canvases in many different sizes, but we only sell really large canvases in our stores.

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