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Panduro Acrylic Spray


by Panduro

Panduro Acrylic Spray

Panduro Acrylic Spray

How to instructions

With Panduro Acrylic Spray, your creativity will be unlimited! Spray with different effects, make cool backgrounds etc. TO MAKE THE PICTURE SHOWN: Use a plate as a template. Place it on the canvas and apply a flexible masking tape around it. In general, you should press masking tape down thoroughly to make sure no paint gets beneath it. But here, we haven't pressed the tape down completely because we did not want a sharp line. Mark the parts of the canvas that will not be painted by taping paper over them. Spray the globe with light showers of paint; feel free to alternate two different colours, but do not spray too much. Let the paint dry and finish by spraying a little white paint here and there for additional effects. Practice on a piece of paper first to get the technique down. Loosen the paper and masking tape carefully.

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