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Pastel Easter bouquet


by Panduro

Pastel Easter bouquet

Pastel Easter bouquet

How to instructions

  • 1

    Spray paint the branches

  • 2

    Glue wool balls here and there

  • 3

    Wrap on feathers around the branches (we used synthetic feathers)

  • 4

    For one rabbit, you need two yarn balls in different sizes. Make two yarn balls, one in each of the two smallest sizes in the yarn ball/pompom tool kit. Now you have two complete yarn balls, both with a longer yarn end. Tie the balls together with the yarn ends. Then cut about 40 cm of a thinner piece of yarn, tie it between the balls and make a loop. Cut out two ears and a nose from hobby felt. Glue on the nose and ears; remember to push the ears down a bit into the yarn ball. Sew or glue on beads as eyes. Last, glue on a little wool ball as a tail

Create a genuine pastel dream for the Easter bouquet, filled with wool balls in soft colours, feathers, and adorable fluffy rabbits.

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