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Pouring on card eggs


by Panduro

Pouring on card eggs

Pouring on card eggs

How to instructions

  • 1

    Pour one colour per mug. About 1-1.5 tbsp of paint, use 4-5 colours and one plastic cup for each colour.

  • 2

    Drip water into each paint cup and stir. The paint should just be able to drip off the lolly stick.

  • 3

    Pour the different colours into an empty plastic cup, alternating colours in several rounds. DO NOT STIR!

  • 4

    Pour half of the paint over one half of the card egg and the other half of the paint over the other half of the egg.

  • 5

    Leave to dry for a full day before removing the masking tape and using the egg.

Give your card eggs a unique look with the trendy pouring technique. Perfect as a decoration or to give away as an Easter gift. We've used Hobbylack, paints that are easy to use. For the eggs in the picture, we used Hobbylack Gloss (basic, lilac, purple, yellow, fairy pink & white) but you can choose colours that suit your personal style. You also need a divisible card egg, lolly sticks for stirring and masking tape. Method: Cover the surface where you will be pouring with plastic. Apply masking tape to the rim of the card egg half with the narrow, white thin edge. Otherwise it may be hard to close the egg again if a thick layer of paint gets on it. TIP! Paint the egg beforehand with one colour across the entire surface. Place the egg on an upside down plastic cup so that it "hovers" and the paint can drip down over the edges. Then pour one colour into each cup, drip water into each cup and stir. The paint should just be able to drip off the lolly stick - that means it's perfect! Next, take an empty plastic cup and pour in the different colours; for the best results, you can alternate colours. BUT! DO NOT STIR! Then pour half the paint over one half of the egg, and the rest over the other half. If you did not give the egg a coat of base paint, you can carefully brush down the paint where it hasn't dripped, to cover the whole egg. When you are finished, the egg halves will need to rest for about a day before you can remove the masking tape and fill them with tons of sweets.

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