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by Panduro

Recycled drum table

Recycled drum table

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean the table with furniture cleaner

  • 2

    Sand any irregularities

  • 3

    Apply one coat of paint and leave to dry for 15 hours

  • 4

    Apply a second coat

  • 5

    Leave to dry

Did you find a few great items at a flea market or win a piece of furniture at auction this summer, that needs some freshening up? We have just about everything you need for furniture renovations - furniture paint, tools and even fabric and wadding, if needed. The sense of achievement and satisfaction of preserving an old piece of furniture is amazing! This little table is easy to repaint, as long as you use a soft furniture paintbrush. Start by washing the piece and sanding any irregularities. Apply a coat of paint and leave to dry for 15 hours. Next, apply a second coat of paint. The paint is fully cured after 3-4 weeks. How about sewing some amazing cushions in matching shades using fabric from our "Folklore Fusion" collection? Our 50x70 cm fabric lengths are ideal for making cushions and are sold singly.

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