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Silly Easter animals


by Panduro

Silly Easter animals

Silly Easter animals

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the card eggs with Hobbylack. If you like pastels, you can blend different colours to achieve the right shade. For the lamb, we blended white and grey Hobbylack

  • 2

    Cut out ears, wings, beaks, noses, feet, paws and fringe from hobby felt, hobby card and yarn. The fuzz on the lambs head is made out of white pompom balls

  • 3

    Glue all pieces onto the animals and finish by gluing on plastic eyes

  • 4

    Draw on mouths, eyelashes and other details with a Penol pen or another permanent marker. Now its time to name your Easter animals!

Card eggs can be used for so much more than just Easter eggs. With a little imagination and some materials, you can transform them into an Easter-themed bunch of animals. And who said you have to make realistic animals? Why not switch their bodies and heads, and make whimsical new creatures, like a bunny-lamb, a bunny-chick or a chick-lamb?

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