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Spectacular Christmas wreath


by Panduro

Spectacular Christmas wreath

Spectacular Christmas wreath

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make yarn balls in assorted sizes and colours

  • 2

    Attach a branch across the metal ring

  • 3

    Glue the yarn balls to the ring, cut little sprigs of pine and attach them to the back

  • 4

    Place a llama on the branch and tie on a piece of ribbon as a scarf

  • 5

    Add snow spray for the finishing touch

Who says Christmas has to be red? You can also use pastel hues! And you can replace the straw goat with a super cute llama instead. Using a round metal frame as a base, you can make this adorable wreath with yarn balls and a little imagination. METHOD: Make yarn balls in different sizes and colours. It's easy to make yarn balls with our toolkit. Collect some branches and pine twigs from the forest and spray them with snow spray. Attach the branches to the frame with hot glue (you may also need metal wire). Glue on the yarn balls. Cut little sprigs of pine and attach them behind some of the yarn balls. Glue the llama to the branch and tie a pretty ribbon around its neck. Finish with a light touch of snow spray on the yarn balls.

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